Staging Savvy with Wendy

Ouch…that didn’t take long

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Distracted driving never ends well.

Remember those new garage doors I blogged about a short while ago, well my mother backed up into one.

She was reversing her vehicle and got distracted and rather than pressing the brake peddle she accelerated and backed right into our ‘new’ garage door, crippling the entire door. Her vehicle had just a scratch, she wasn’t injured so in the grand scheme of things everything will be ok. It was just a door and even though it was brand new, it can be repaired.

Ouch that hurt

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Packing up a house after it’s sold is not supposed to cause a painful injury, it’s usually very easy, but not always so.

While waiting for the movers to arrive I thought I would help them by moving a wood round table from the kitchen to the front entrance of the house. As I tipped the table sideways to fit through a doorway into the hallway it slipped and slammed down on my toe.
It crushed my toe very badly. Needless to say I attended to cleaning and wrapping paper towel around it as the bleeding was excessive.

I had to elevate for an hour and couldn’t wait for the movers after that so went to a walk in clinic. The doctor cleaned, glued things back together, took X-rays and gave me a tetanus shot.

It’s been 7 weeks and I still have difficulty wearing closed shoes.

Thank goodness it’s summer!

SOLD in a Day

Sunday, May 28, 2017

There is no question in my mind a vacant property needs to be staged. Main spaces require proper showcasing to enable potential buyers to visualize those spaces as their own.

A couple from British Columbia contacted me knowing just those facts. Being from the west coast their was no question in their minds their home (which would be vacant) needed to be staged.

After being on the market for ONE DAY, 3 showings later they received a perfect offer with a 2 week possession date.

What a pleasure to work with this couple. For any of you wondering the house sold for $545,000.00. The investment to stage was small in comparison to their success.

You cannot afford not to stage or at least have a staging consultation to allow us to make recommendations on how to prepare your home for market.

Garage Door Replacement

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

After a garage door mishap we decided it was time to replace our garage doors.
The heavy cedar doors had been painted a few times and were 30+ years old.

Winnipeg Door & Gate came highly recommended. We were able to select the style of door, color and window glass. For me, the home re-design gal this was the perfect project to take on. They were fabulous to deal with, had great selections of products and were patient with our decision.

My advice to anyone thinking of new garage doors or replacing their existing one(s) do your homework, don’t just settle for the standard white door(s) allow your garage doors to add to your home’s curb appeal.

Leave it to Us

Friday, March 17, 2017

Our latest staging project was on the market for 2 days before it sold for list price.

The owner had contacted me from another province asking if I was interested in viewing his property in East St. Paul. My recommendations were to have the older furniture removed, do some lighting upgrades and minor household repairs, paint the entire interior of the home, have the carpets cleaned, dryclean the draperies, have a cleaning service do a deep clean and then stage the property.

I provided the owner with a list of trades that we use, received quotes and managed the timing and trades to have the work completed within a few weeks. The end result was beautiful and resulted in a successful sale.

Feel free to call us to see how we can assist in preparing your home for market.

My way of Saying Thank You

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Saying thank you goes a long way for me. I value my clients and their continued support by providing me with their business and passing my name along for referrals. When I started my business I promised myself never to take any client for granted. Providing clients with great service has brought me much success over the years.

One of the ways I say thank you is by giving them a candle from Winnipeg’s Coal and Canary Candle Company as a thank you. These are amongst my most favourite things to give as gifts. Coal and Canary has a nice variety of candle flavours. Each season they bring on a few new flavours that get me excited. This spring they have created the Spring Fling Collection which consists of “Pink Chiffon Fresh Cut Flowers”, Sweet Perfumes Lilac Blooms” and “Crop Top Rain Drops”. Take a look at their website, read their story and browse the candle selection. They never disappoint. Their candles burn 40 to 50 hours and have a wood wick.

Looking forward to a busy Spring, meeting lots of great people and saying thank you by giving them a Coal and Canary Candle.

Where do the months go?

Monday, February 27, 2017

My last post was January 11th. I promised myself I would blog once a week…that hasn’t happened.

January and February have been busier than 2016’s were for me with client appointments and stages. February ends tomorrow and looking ahead into March brings a busy calendar and the promise of spring.

This upcoming month I am looking forward to seeing some great renovation projects completed as well as the anticipation of transforming great spaces for my clientele.

I have spent some great days shopping for new inventory and cannot wait to use the pieces in my stages. Home sense and Marshalls will be opening late April on Regent so this in itself will make for fabulous purchases.

Start the Year Off on the Right Foot

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

At the start of a new year many people vow to change a few things that are dragging them down in life.

Whether it’s the desire to start a new fitness program, purge things that accumulate in life or simply organize household possessions. Start with something small and attainable. Becoming overwhelmed and giving up before you get started is setting yourself up for failure.

As a home stager I find January a great month to go through my kitchen cabinets, storage areas and closets in our home. I pack and give away items that we no longer need or have not used over the year(s). I find it refreshing and cleansing.

When I meet with clients to assist in preparing their properties for market one of the things that ALWAYS gets addressed is packing up items that they no longer need or use. The process takes time and can be cumbersome but the final results are remarkable. I challenge you to start small …but START and feel refreshed and renewed once you’ve completed a space.

So let’s start 2017 with a promise to ourselves. Don’t keep things we won’t need or use. Give them away to another family, a church or community organization that may need the item(s) and recycle items that aren’t worthy to be given away.

Color for Selling and Dwelling

Monday, December 12, 2016

I recently completed a 6 hour webinar with a final exam on Color for Selling and Dwelling offered through the Canadian Staging Professional Organization.

In the past I have taken color courses offered by the local Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams stores. Recently I felt the need to obtain my color certification in order to confirm and bolster my knowledge.

The course was a fabulous experience. I want to give to my clients the best by learning the streamlined color system. It was far more than just a gut-check for me. It really is a scientific based system that has boosted my color confidence.

Feel free to contact me to set up a paint consultation so I may help you by creating color flow from one room to the next. Get the right color the FIRST time so you save time and money.

What does a Staging Consultation Cover?

Thursday, September 8, 2016

I think most of us can admit that moving is stressful. Securing the highest return on the sale of your house is a lot of work – exhausting, emotional and some times backbreaking. Even when a house is priced right and in a great location, you have competition for buyers.

My objective eye as a professional home stager can make a big difference. I am trained and know what’s right for your house and can uncover areas that need attention to earn you the most equity for the sale of your property.

What is home staging:
Our goal is to present the property in the best possible light so buyers see what the home’s potential is, capture their interest and help them visualize the space as their own.

The process includes:
* cleaning
* de-personalizing
* repairing
* showcasing

When we meet we will cover all of the above topics including:
* when and what to clean (and what to pay particular attention to)
* what needs to be packed up and de-personalized (remember people want to see themselves in your home)
* any repairs or upgrades (fresh paint is an inexpensive upgrade)
* and finally showcasing (putting your home’s best foot forward) which will ensure your house is warm and welcoming when ready for market.